Slipped up…

Day 22 – a letter to someone you want to give a second chance to

To Greg Ryder… if you came back and asked me to marry you, I would in a heartbeat… but I doubt this will happen… I mean it COULD happen, but I’m happy with Bees and the rest of my friends. I love Greg. If you are reading this… I really love you.

Day 23 – a letter to the last person you kissed

If you mean a friendly sisterly kiss, I kissed Bees on the head b4 dinner, as for romantic kisses? Um.. b4 Covid???

Day 24 – a letter to the person that gave you your favorite memory

Bees, you are my bestie since college. We have had many good times. We skipped class a lot to print out BSB and that tiny KOTH thumbnail that you thought was regular sized. I never finished due to Mathew. He was my #1 priority. You graduated which I am proud of. I love you … in fact LYLAS.

Day 25 – a letter to the person you know is going through the worst of times

Dear Mathew my nephew.

Words can not express (enough) the fact that I love you. I never wanted you to go into foster care bc that’s the way I went and it was pure torture. When I came to where I am now, you phoned me and I was very happy to hear your voice. You disappeared without a trace from FB. I asked Rob where you were and she said that you were practically homeless. As your Aunty Sam, this troubles my heart. I want to see you in a better place not a ditch dead from something horrible. You KNOW I worry about you.

<3 Sam


I’ll do the rest tomorrow…


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January 13, 2021

Day 25 breaks my heart!!  I work mental health and our foster system is so broken.  And homeless teens/young adults is a demographic that gets overlooked so much.  I hope you can reconnect and get him support he needs.

@searchingforemma I know. I wish Mathew would contact me. I miss him like mad. 🙁