It’s snowing… just random little flakes, not the heavy stuff yet… I can’t complain. I love the stuff. I am not your typical Canadian, that’s for sure!

My blood sugars were very low… 3.0 It’s crazy… I tested again after breakfast (two pc whole wheat toast with butter, oatmeal with cinnamon and chia seeds and butter — sounds gross but it is good and some scrambled eggs) and it was 5.5. Here we go with the reverse diabetes again… 

See the source image

Anyways, I have a LJ now… bc it is of my opines that DW is dead. If you are on LJ add me. Menina morango means strawberry girl in Portuguese which as you know I’m trying to learn.





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7 days ago

OD is not dead… are you type 1 or type 2 diabetic?

@kaliko No. DW is and type 2

7 days ago

DW is a news thing no?

By the way keep the snow I don’t want it….

@jaythesmartone cackles wickedly

7 days ago

I can only keep up with one diary.  lol.  I lived in New Jersey growing up.  We got snow but nothing like the snow in the northern most states.  🙂

7 days ago

I love Charley Brown and all the Peanuts characters.

@tracker2020 My aunt, God rest her soul, told me I look like Peppermint Patty. LOL!

7 days ago

we  had  some  snow  yesterday just  light  snow

@ihavenoarms Where you at No Arms? Do you get a lot of snow??

6 days ago

@zombieinfusedtea im in ontario  Canada  some  years  we  some  times  not  a  lot

@ihavenoarms I’m in Newmarket, Ontario. 🙂


6 days ago

what is dw?

Your breakfast sounded good to me 😊