So good.

I just had a couple of mini powdered donuts like the ones at the CNE? If you have ever been, then you know wtf I’m talking about, if not have a link. They, are to die for!

What’s new with you? I am warm now. 🙂 I was cold but not anymore. 🙂

I had to forgo my bath today bc I had a lack of clothing…. its all in the wash now.. but Friday I am going to have my bath.

I have to d/l the Sims 3 yet again. :/


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1 week ago

I am pretty sure we have a special bakery or two in town that has great treats.  DD is usually where I want to go (we don’t have a Krispy Kreme in this end of Connecticut anymore).


Doing good here..still playing catch up with blog entries.  Working, waiting to do the next steps for the move.

weather is normal for this time of year..

@katep I totally heart Krispy Kreme donuts! When I was a child, I remember Toronto having a Dunkin’s…that was in the seventies, same here for the weather.

1 week ago

Have you ever heard of B.C.s PNE? Pacific |national Exhibition? We have those donuts too but our are called Tom Thumb…

It seems that everyone in North America has them….

1 week ago

I love donuts so much 💕

@soldis Me too. <3

1 week ago

love the breakfast club

I just did two loads of laundry too… we were about out of towels

@cherrywine_1 Me too. I like Emilio Estevez. And Anthony Michael Hall.. and that scene where Molly’s character put lipstick on with her boobs? Priceless. Laundry is necessary .. true.