The Bean Legacy – Babies Babies and Yet More Babies!!

Good morning — a wet one but a good one nonetheless!

Here we go…


If you have seen one labour pic you’ve seen them all…

Julien gave my sim two children, and he himself had an alien kid too!


Here is the first Bean baby – Julie


Who turned out quite well…

Second is Barbara



She is cute in her own way…

Those are the two human Beans. (lulz)


Meet Emma Bean, the lone alien spawn of Julien Cooke (Bean)


I aged the kids up… 

I aged Emma up to adulthood bc I am not too keen on her…


The other two I sent to college as a dual heirship.



Julie wants to be in the culinary field and Babs wants to be the law… so… next update I will have more stuff…


I had a terrible night. I was supposed to hold my urine for the stupid Lifelabs tech but nope…. couldn’t hold it… had accident after accident… I have a weak bladder.


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September 10, 2020

Did you know if you drink water before you go get the test that will be god enough….Kind of like when you get-an ultrasound.

These sims are really cute.

September 10, 2020

@jaythesmartone I hope so…

TY. 🙂