The Robinson Legacy 0.1

Well… I started playing the Sims 2 again… no hacks… just a rather vanilla game… a bit of CC… 🙂 Good. Let’s do this…

Meet Tammy Robinson. Family simwants to be head of Educationlikes undies and good cooks but hates teh fanged ones.

Her prefab home, made better by moi.

Tammy: That garbage bin is stalking me… isn’t it?


See the source image


She immediately went to the easel. Awesome. 🙂 I don’t know about legacy family portrait painter but still…


She went to Hunter’s Park (lol not mine! :P) and met Phil I-have-a-weird-last-name. EA must love torturing us simmers with these fucked up names…

anyways, it was 💖at first sight for these two.

Here she is with her work uniform. 🙂

EA again never ceases to to make me cringe. Brown eyebrows, brown stubble, and blond hair? *headdesk*

Sorta better??? He looks very weird…. sighs

More later…



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November 2, 2020

Have fun!

December 17, 2020

Blonde hair and brown eyebrows does sound really weird.