Well.. that is counter productive…?

I just ate a cold potato. I was hungry… there were pot pies and other veg left over but one tater… and I nabbed it. Love my starches. Might get a mini pot pie to nosh on… ok, yum!

I can’t sleep… so, I am blogging… my roomie is not in our bedroom and she has her radio on really loud so.. there is another reason I can’t sleep. Blah… I might just nod off despite this, bc I am exhausted…

Tomorrow is another day.. maybe my brother Dave will come. IDK.

My sister Wendy is coming tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her. <3

I am listening to Nat King Cole “Unforgettable”. My roomie likes soft rock. I can’t stand it. It’s really sappy and disgusting!

I DO like oldies. My favorite female artist besides Taylor Swift is Lesley Gore.

She is a redheaded Jew like myself. 🙂

So, it’s not that… it’s just… maybe my generation?? Born too late? IDK…?


I need to sleep. Night my pretties!! xo


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September 8, 2020

Night night Sammy!

September 8, 2020

@kaliko sleep tight Kat ☺

September 8, 2020

Hope you did get a good nights sleep…and that radio has to go..I can fix it good for you?

September 9, 2020

@jaythesmartone I did have a good night’s sleep…. ty. 😘

December 17, 2020

Hope you were able to get some sleep.