Why Dougie why?

Do you notice something amiss in this screenshot? (hint: Look at the aides and then look at Dougie.)

Why do you expect us to go along with your stupid curfew and abide by your ridiculous rules when you, yourself don’t wear a bloody mask????  How do you expect us to follow like sheepy lemmings? Not likely.



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6 days ago

Well, it looks like he is socially distanced. As long as he puts one on before he is around people, is there really a problem?

@dragontears He is in front of people!!

6 days ago

I think the reason he isn’t wearing his mask is so those who hard of hearing can understand what he is saying, especially if they don’t know sign language.  I have noticed that with all politicians except in the USA.

@jaythesmartone Huh. Usually on CPAC they have a translator. 🙂

5 days ago


yeah but if they don’t read sign language then they have to read the lips? No?

6 days ago

looks like he is speaking… many take off their masks when they speak because it is easier to understand them

6 days ago

agree and the politicians brack the rules  by  travailing  but  we  cant


@ihavenoarms Todd, he is just as corrupt as his brother… man am I glad I got out of Toronto when I did.

5 days ago

@zombieinfusedtea yes  his brother is  worse than him  I used  to take the  go bus to  Toronto for the day before  the  coved  but  not  know  tell its all over