Windy night…

So, it’s a windy night here in Newmarket. The weather forecaster said that today was going to be blustery so… it’s almost 3a soo… you know what that means…

I love Rob. 🙂

He reminds me of my foster brother Andy in the looks catagory…

Matchbox 20 performs on NBC's 'Today' show |<!-- ab 17039187 -->Music<!--  ae 17039187 --> |

I just love him. (Rob lol)

I am going to go back to bed…


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2 weeks ago

Beautiful nature pic

2 weeks ago

@socialdistancing 🙂 Googled it.

2 weeks ago

I’m awake too.  Good music and boy oh boy is he ever cute!

2 weeks ago

@wildrose_2 Good morming!And yupp…

2 weeks ago

your brother looks so cute…..