Woke up just now…

With a massive headache. Granted, I WAS listening to creepypasta podcasts on Spotify til I fell asleep at 11p. Heh…. well… the Dodgers lost. Argh. And everyone thinks the Dead Sox are the bullies of baseball?? No. The Rays are. Truly!

My head hurts… I had a good sleep though. I dreamed of two dogs, that were either partners or brother/sister and they rejected every creature comfort someone/thing could ask for… they just wanted each other. No fancy pet beds, no toys, not even premium food, just the basics and themselves…

I think I will just relax, and play the Sims 2 on sissy’s computer until Lilly-Rose comes Friday.


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October 26, 2020

Another name change? I can’t keep up lol

@kaliko Nah. Just changed my name. 😀

December 17, 2020

That’s great you had a good sleep.