You don’t wanna stop But i can’t be down But now i am alive baby. I don’t want no sleep

Good evening. Right now I am a little angry at someone — D. She can go take her job and shove it where the sun don’t shine. She told on me after I had a small accident…. like a fucking child tattles on their siblings… bitch.   

Otherwise I am a-ok. I’m having some tea to calm my nerves. Dave bought Tim’s coffee for the whole house. <3 Let’s just say that I won’t sleep tonight. 

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Tomorrow is Bees @babybees birthday. She will be 42. Still much a babe. But she is a lot more mature than I… I’m a goofball, while she is the straight guy. Anyways, we are having donuts for snack and that means… Boston cream donut goodness. 😀 😀 😀 And honey dipped goodness for Birthday Girl.

My sister Bees is currently making me regret eating dinner. 🤷‍♀️😜

Anyways, tis almost meds time. 



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6 days ago

why does it matter if you had an accident to anyone??? we all have them

@kaliko IKR? 😮

5 days ago

Question? Is the liquid in your stomach giggling too as you are walking down the hall to the bathroom?

@jaythesmartone I’m not sure lol!!!

5 days ago


I think it would be heard by everyone there…LOL

5 days ago

Happy Birthday Bees.  Hope she has a wonderful birthday.  You can’t choose your sibs lol.  I would be so over tattling at this point in your life.  Hope the tea helps you get calm and get to sleep.  🙂

@tracker2020 I had coffee and tea and a Boston cream donut… I ain’t sleeping ha!!

5 days ago

I am sorry you had a bad incident.  I hope you are feeling better….

5 days ago

@zombieinfusedtea you’re are you today?


@katep Good morning! 🙂 I am great.