hi…I am new here

my name is Aaimnt (nickname) and I am 21 years old girl. (but I look like a 18) I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and I live with my parents. (I’m the second child).

I’m here because I always want to tell people my story. Because I have no one to talk to. I know I have 2 sisters, but I don’t get very well along with them.

My parents knows but they acting like they don’t. I love to be alone it gives me relaxing vibes. I don’t really care if no one is interested n this life or story of mine but I want to write and keep it to myself. Anyway not the sad story for now…sooooooo….I love to draw, I like to play the piano, I write stories and I love to write song lyrics and to sing. (even tough I’m not that great lol).☺

I do Midwifery and its my first year so a lot of exams pressure…

I am that kind of girl that loves silence and loves to read and write. I love my family even though I don’t show it that often. I’m not that bad girl they say.

One thing bad about me is that…once I have a fight or argue with someone…they disappear for me. well not literally but it means that I ignore them till they talk themselves. Of course its not like that with everyone, it only happens with people that causes me pain.

I’m sure y’all heard of “I FORGIVE BUT I DON’T FORGET” right? Well…in my case its more like I FORGET BUT I DON’T FORGIVE. YES. When I have huge huge fights with my sisters and I ignore them like really hard and like month later when we start to talk again I kinda still dislike them. but I forget what the reason was. but I try my best to do the opposite. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And before here I used to have a diary. And I used to write everything in it like EVERYTHING. Like how we used to fight and especially the reason for it. Cause I forget it always.

Well for the rest I have had 1 boyfriend in my twenties and it lasted like 3 months. Since then no boys for me…never.

And i will try to write here and there sometimes. when I am happy. when I am bored  and when I am sad.

I think you will read most sad things. But I will try to make some happy memories.

So I’m happy to be one of you guys.

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March 18, 2021

Welcome to open diary I also am a writer and an author. I have non fiction and fiction stories on a blog site at blogspot

March 18, 2021

@itsjustmarina thank you so much

March 18, 2021

I used to play piano years ago as a child

March 18, 2021

Welcome here, Aaimnt!

you are not alone anymore. You are a part of this amazing OD community now. 😊

March 18, 2021

@priyankabaranwal hahha apka bohot shukriya

March 19, 2021

@aaimnt Aapka swagat hai 🙂