Reclaim Your Diary

If you had a diary on the old version of Open Diary, it is still here in the system waiting for you to reclaim it – to do that, please follow the steps below!

If you deleted your diary before the site shut down in 2014, we cannot recover it and you will not be able to reclaim that diary – but if you’d like to join us and start a new diary, we would be very happy to have you!

Reclaim by email

This is the easiest and fastest way to reclaim your diary, if you still have access to the email address you used with your old OD. If you think you still have the same email address, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Reset Password screen on OD at
  2. Enter the email address that is connected to your diary.
  3. If the email address you entered is attached to a diary in the system, you will receive an email within fifteen minutes with a link to reset your password – please be sure to check your spam in case the message ends up there!
    • If the email address you entered is not connected to a diary in the system, you will see an error message that says “This email address is not registered in the system.” This may mean that you didn’t add an email to your diary on the old system, or that you used a different email address than the one you entered.
    • If the system accepts the email address that you entered, but you don’t receive a reset email, please be sure to check your spam folders. If you still can’t find a reset email, please click the Contact Support at the bottom of any page to let us know.
  4. Once you receive the reset email, you will see a link in the email to reset your password. Click that link!
  5. This will take you back to Open Diary, to a page where you can enter a new password. Please be sure to create a strong password, using at least eight characters and a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  6. Once you have entered a new password and the system has accepted it, you will be taken to a login screen. From there, you can log into your diary and start using it – be sure to use your email address when you log in, and not your username like you did on old OD.

Reclaim without email

If you never added an email address to your diary, or you don’t still have access to that email, we will need to get some security information from you in order to reconnect you with your diary.

To start this process, please send the following information to the Support Team using the Contact Support form below.

  • OD username
  • OD password

If you do not know your original username and password, we will not be able to reactivate your diary. Due to security precautions, please understand that we have to be very careful about letting people back into existing diaries.

Send reclaim information to the OD Support team

Do NOT send information if you have used the “Reclaim by email” process above – that is the first and best option you should try!

Enter the username you used to log into old OD

Enter the password you used to log into old OD