So my "to do" list from yesterday? ha.

To Do: 

Work: go to work (ha), call for open enrollment and elect my benefits.

School: Finance homework, MGT paper, ACC paper, find and meet with new client for Practicum

Life: CLEAN MY FREAKING APARTMENT. Seriously things would be all better if this one would do it all by itself.

Friends: work out today, and hang out sometime this week before i go nuts.

Not very much done lmao. And the management paper is only about half done, we’re waiting on some feed back from the professor before i go into serious edit mode. Is it "hanging out with friends" if we’re working on Finance homework? I also need to drop off my rent check! I can’t believe October 1st is practically here. Good lord where did the time go.

In family news: Still no venue for the wedding (we’re at exactly 3 months before the wedding). No venue means no invitations, no invitations means no guests! I’m in charge of invitations, but if something isnt decided quick i wont have time to get them done, much less mailed out.

My job drives me nuts. I have never in my life met so many people who are fooling around on spouses or long term-live in significant others, with people at work. And no one is discrete about it. Thats nuts, its like liivng in the twilight zone. I’m by no means a prude, but people don’t need to know who I’m with, or where we did it, or that if you go to the stairwell above the 4th floor there are no cameras cause there’s only access to the roof that high, and you can hear if anyone’s coming.

I guess thats my little daily rant. I’m off to go work on some stuff for school. Get ahead of the game! 

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