I will indeed have wayy more than enough money saved and coming in to do what I want and need tomorrow. That includes a hair cut, a workout, and gas (if I need it).  (The stuff I paid today is not even an issue, I’ll make that and more by tomorrow.) 

What I find. amazing is how the ways of the days keep finding ways to make me want to feel dismayed or worried. Even to the person(s) not viewing my posts and to the typical jealousy of those of my same persuasion. Either way it’s warming, joyful, and very empowering to realize that I am and will be ok. I’ve so much (w/ out losing my clients or transportation) that to. even think that I would lose or miss them would seem asinine. 

Having a great evening. There’s awesome stuff on tv to watch. It feels good to just be….

Power by Ye

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