Life is calm… too calm!

Back in the office again today, I enjoy the days i’m here as the background chatter of my colleagues makes working feel less lonely. Once today is done only 1 more day til the weekend and pay day! I’m not sure which one i’m excited for more.

I can breathe now I have ordered my husband’s present for our wedding anniversary – I know he will like it, I just needed to remind myself to do it, sometimes I can be such a sieve!

It will be lovely to get my nails re-done this weekend, normally i’ll have a design picked by now but with being distracted by work projects then getting home and filling my evenings with reading and gaming, I have forgotten to look! See what I mean… Sieve! I’m feeling like going towards lilac this time, it’s not a colour i’ve had before, so it would be nice to change things up. Definitely not ready for Autumn nails yet, that’s more an october look.

Life has felt very calm, emotionally, recently which is both weird and refreshing – I woudn’t mind it being the norm but i’m almost waiting for something to hit, it usually does. If life stays like this then stress free will be the best beauty treatment I can find!

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August 23, 2023

Stress can make your life hell. Just ride it out.