Sneaky & sly

My blood is boiling right now with anger. I haven’t slept all night because im so pissed off & im up at the crack of dawn, sick of trying to sleep. I have to out in just over an hour anyway.

So starts out that my aunt needed to find a new place to live. She was going to come stay with me but didn’t end up doing that. I ended up finding a house in her rental budget only 1 street away from me. Its perfect. So instead of her only faily member being 30 minutes away she is now only 1 minute away.

I looked around & got quotes for different removalist’s & found 1 that were cheap & they sounded great with great customer service. So my aunt ended up going with them when i showed her the quotes. She is a pensioner so she needed it to be as cheap as possible.

So she arranged for the move on saturday gone. She arranged for them to come at 1pm. She goes in to the realtor to pick up the new house keys & she gets a call to say that they are outside of her house & needed her to come out so they cold get started. This was 9.15am. So she said she couldn’t because she had arranged for it to be in the afternoon so she had time to make sure everything was finalized with the realtor.

So then the removalist guy rings me, as i am down as a second contact person for her. He told me to come outside because he was there ready to do the move. I told him that i wasn’t the 1 moving & he needed to ring my aunt, he hung up.

A few hours later he rings me again telling me he is outside my house & wants me to come out so he could get on with the moving. I told him he wasn’t out side my house & needed to ring my aunt. He argued with me that he was outside my house, so i asked him what address he was at & each time i asked (about 5) he just kept saying im outside your house. Eventually he told me the house number & i said no, your at my aunts house, the person who is moving, you need to ring her. he hung up. Both times he was rude as in the way of a bad attitude.

So my aunt let them in & they complained that there was stuff everywhere & that she hadn’t even packed everything. She booked them to be both packers & removalists because of her medical issues. So again with bad attitudes they took photos of her place inside complaining about it & told her she would have to reschedule for another day because it would take to long to do that day & they had other bookings to do.

So it was rescheduled for yesterday. My aunt rang me upset because they were complaining again about having to pack & how long it was going to take & what ever else they could find to complain about. They made her feel awful in her own home. So i rang the company & complained. They were nicer after that.

I get another call from what i assume is a manager of some sort about how long it was going to take & that they might not finish yesterday because she had no electricity & didn’t want to be there in the dark. I told hum she did have electricity but she couldn’t reach the light fittings because the ceilings were abnormally high but she had the light bulbs if they were willing to put them in.

The packing & moving part took up most of the day. At about 6pm my aunt calls me to let me know she was on her way to the new place & it was all don with at the old place but she had had a fall on her way out to the car but her neighbor had helped her up. A few minutes later this manager guy Sam called me & rudley told me that his removal uys have been at the new place for over half an hour & she still wasn’t there. I told him that she had a fall on her way to the car & she was on her way now. There is no way those guys had been there for over half an hour, they would have been there about 5 minutes at the most.

At about 8 pm i get another call from this Sam guy & he told me that my aunt had paid half of the bill & that she told him to tell me i had to pay the other half. That’s not true because my aunt had already arranged that if it ended up costing more than expected that they would withhold some of her goods.

So i told him at first i could add $100 to paying the bill. I asked for the companies details so i could pay if online & he told me no it had to be done by credit card. I told him as long as my aunt had her medications, bed, bedding, food, some clothing they could withhold what ever they wanted until next week she she could pay the rest of the bill off.

So then i had an argument with him, i did stay respectful but also he knew i was angry. He told me they couldn’t go through the boxes to find what she needed & they were taking the stuff they had not unpacked yet. I told him no, she NEEDED her necessities. If she didn’t have her medication it could cost her her life, he just kept telling me that they couldn’t go through the boxes. so i asked why they didn’t mark what boxes had what in them & he told me sort of bull shit i can’t remember. I told him i would look at my account & see if i could pay anymore than $100. I then told him i could pay no more than $200 because i am a pensioner & will only have barely enough money left to last 2 weeks because i only got paid yesterday & hadn’t done my groceries or got my medications etc yet.

I gave him my card details that i now regret. because a few minutes later my bank app alerts me that 2 different transactions had been taken out of my account. That bastard had taken the $200 that i authorized & then he did ANOTHER transaction & took out another $150 without my consent or authorization. OHHHH i am so angry. So i called my aunt & asked her to tell the removalists to give her the number of this Sam guy so i could contact him because he had been calling me from a private number after office hours & nobody was at the office to answer my calls. Then she rings me about 30 mins later to tell me that they had to ask him permission to give his number out, but he rang her & told her the issue & i needed to speak to him. He told her the extra transaction had to be done because of unpaid goods services. He told her would call me right away. He didn’t.

What im so angry about is not only that he did it illegally, stole from me knowing thats all i had to last 2 weeks, was a rude asshole, didn’t have the balls to ring me back but the account with the company is NOT in my name. I have no business with this company what so ever but he felt it was ok to steal my money to pay for a service that was nothing to do with me.

Im not upset at all with my aunt because i don’t mind helping her out. She has done alot for me. I am angry with this thieving sly sneaky bastard.

I just got a call now from the company because they had a missed call from my number last night & i told them what happened & how angry i am & she was very nice about it & sorry. As is aid the customer service in the front line are nice. Its the assholes behind the scene that is a completely different story. She gave me an email to their department of resolutions. I will be demanding that illegal transaction money to be back in my account within 24 hours or i will make a police report. He picked the wrong bitch to mess with this time.

I am not letting this go, & i am going to take it as far as i can because he CANT GET AWAY WITH IT. I don’t want him to get a slap on the wrist or just told not to do it again, i want him held accountable for purposefully stealing.

In the end last night my aunt got all of her stuff & is in her new place, so im happy she is safe & has all of her stuff. Im going to go see her on my back home from seeing the doctor.

I need to repeat to myself, i will not swear in my email, i will not swear in my email, i will not swear in my email, i will be lady like & respectful, i will be lady like & respectful, i will be lady like & respectful.

Fucking assholes. By the way their company is “We move sydney”

Name & same coming up on facebook with a bad review on their page.

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June 2, 2020

They sound like vile animals.

June 3, 2020

@elcreature thats a polite way to put it

June 2, 2020

Did you call the credit card company and tell them there was some fraud activity on your account?  then they would take the $350.00 off.

June 3, 2020

@jaythesmartone yes i rang my bank & they are looking into it, i have also sent them an email telling that i wasn’t even a customer of theirs & also told them how rude he was & the way the guys treated my aunt.