Today is my baby “sprinkle” (2nd baby girls don’t need showers!!). Lucy is napping and im just resting after my shower…haha showering is exhausting. I’m 39 weeks today. But….that’s based on my due date from the ultrasound, which is earlier than my LMP due date of Dec 17th. I had to have an ultrasound on Tuesday because I was dehydrated and she wanted to check the fluid around the baby and her growth. She was measuring 6 lbs 12 oz and plenty of fluid. But the whole ultrasound said based on her size, she was a 37 weeker and not a 38 weeker. Its just an average of sizes of babies born at different times. But it still made me think I will likely have her sometime after the 13th and hopefully before the 17th.

I have been having a lot of contractions but nothing regular or painful, just the Braxton hicks, only in the lower half of my stomach. And lots of period type cramping. But none of the other things I felt before I had lucy. I feel good, actually. before I went into labor with lucy I felt sick, and I lost my plug, and I had a lot of cramping. So far nothing like that. I was checked Tuesday and only 1cm and she wasn’t low in the pelvis or anything. I upped my evening primrose oil hoping to thin out my cervix which the midwife said was still really thick. Im uncomfortable and have lightning crotch haha. My pelvis is sore and I cant walk as good as I used to. But people don’t think im suffering at all because I don’t look that bad! I have small hard belly and the rest of my body looks the same as it did before. No swelling or anything. WIth lucy, at this stage I was kinda puffy and looked worse. Must be all the super foods 🙂

Well I haven’t been eating that great, actually. Yesterday I did because I was with Paul. And today I have eaten great. But the past couple weeks I’ve had dairy (cheese) more than I’d like to admit. It doesn’t make me feel good but its just inconvenient to try to avoid it when youre light headed and pregnant and about to pass out. SO I eat it. I swear though I feel my best on a vegan diet. Its just not been as easy to stick to in the 3rd trimester as it normally is.

Doing more juicing now too. That should help with labor energy.

Its hard wondering when labor might start. Its so exciting to watch for signs, but also drives me a little crazy, if I get fixated on it. I want to relax and enjoy my last week (or 2).

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