Tired and happy.

I finally caught a little break- a much needed relaxing weekend.

I took Friday off work because daycare was closed and I thought it was a good excuse to stay home with my sweetie. We cleaned and got a lot done around the house, went to the library, both took a nap, and cuddled 🙂

Yesterday we played outside with Lauren, Paul was around in the morning, and then my parents came over after nap time. They set up my new dining room table and my dad did a bunch of other projects around my house. I LOVE IT! Its like our shitty little apartment is becoming a home. Slowly but surly. My mom brought over a new booster seat for Lucy to use at the dinner table. She loves it. I also got a bunch of stuff for the new baby. We put new knobs on my dresser drawers. The place is starting to come together. It was so nice to eat breakfast at the table this morning with Lucy. We didn’t have a table before- Lucy ate at a little kids picnic table thing, and I just ate wherever, on the couch I guess, or at the counter.

Today is sunday and of course we got an extra hour because of the time change. When you have kids, this doesn’t mean an extra hour of sleep! But for us, it is ending up being an extra hour in the morning to relax before church. I usually meet at my parents house beforehand on sundays, and we ride together. Then I spend the rest of the day over at their place. Lucy naps and I do homework. I usually eat dinner there then come home and get ready for the LONG ASS WEEK ahead. Mondays are the worst days.

I sound whiney but its because im exhausted. I really enjoyed having an extra day this weekend. Mentally, mostly. Everything takes longer when you’re 34 weeks pregnant. I hate not having time to organize, clean my house, shave my legs (takes forever haha), THINK, and its just gogogo. Being busy all day is great as long as there is ample time to collect my thoughts at the end of the day. but these weeks don’t feel that way. I’m struggling to fit in homework and studying, or cleaning the house, or getting enough sleep. Monday through Wednesday is the hardest- then Thursday itself is easy but i’m so tired by then I can hardly stand it. Then to get up and work 8 hours on Friday after that week is like the icing on a shit pie. Haha. Im not normally this person….Its really just the stage im at in my pregnancy that’s making me feel so tired (mentally and physically). Next Monday we don’t have class so that will be amazing. Then a week or so later we will have Thursday off school for thanksgiving, which will also be amazing. The next day is my last day of work, so that will be over with. I can do this! Its just hard to push through some days, especially if lack of sleep is making me feel sick.

I saw the midwife this week. Baby is growing great. She’s been head down for a while now, so I think she’ll stay put. I have gained 15 pounds as of 34 weeks. I started at 118 and i’m at 133 now. She said they like to see 25-35 pounds of weight gain…of course I know that….but I didn’t hit 25 pounds with Lucy so I never expected to with this baby either. She wants me to gain another 7 before delivery. It could happen I guess, but I wasn’t expecting it to. I think i’ll be at 20 pounds gained by delivery, just like last time. 138, which is less than what I was with Lucy…I think I was 144 at my highest, but I started lower this time too. We’ll see, you never know what can happen! I could balloon up! Haha or not…which i’d prefer.

We ordered Lucy a really cool dollhouse for a big sister gift, to give her when the baby is born. I think she will love it and it will give her something to focus on if she isn’t getting full attention from me in the beginning. Its something my mom or Paul could sit and play with her, so that’s good. She has a little 30.00 one now, and she loves playing with it, but its a cheap piece of crap and it annoys her sometimes because the furniture doesn’t like to stay up and the floors are narrow. Shes actually playing with it in her room now. Shes very independent these days, and likes to play in her room by herself. She also likes it when we join her, but sometimes she shuts the door on us 🙂 We watch her from the monitor.

OH! biggest news!!!!!

Paul’s brother brad and his girlfriend Jen are expecting a baby!!!!! I am so happy. Isla will have a cousin that’s the same age as her! They will probably be about 6 months apart!! This is like a dream come true. They were gonna elope anyway but now I think they might get married before the baby comes, but its the second marriage for both of them so they really weren’t into it….but wanted a baby…they tried for this one I guess, and got it within a few months it sounds like. I’m so happy for them. They seem a little scared and shocked still- haven’t told ANYONE really, not even anyones parents, but im glad they told us. I cant wait to hand stuff down to them, and visit them, and spoil our niece of nephew! I really wanted to be an aunt but didn’t think we would see either of our brothers have children! I’m so happy our girls will have a cousin. They live far away from us now, but you never know where they will end up. Even if they are always far away, we’d still see them at least once a year like we do now. That’s how often I saw my cousins and I still thought they were the bomb.

Lucy calls!

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