August Stars

Autumn cometh early this year, eh? What’s up with that? Wherever did the time go. Back to school shopping again. Time to try on some new pants. Gird myself for the oncoming stiffness. Things are quiet now. Very quiet. Not sure what to make of it, other than the fact that I adore it, other than the fact that there’s a vibration in the air like a shoe’s about to drop. Felt good about this summer when it exploded into life, encountered lots of fresh avenues, full of promise. They’ve dried up now, o’course, but the few that matter have fortunately grown stronger. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. Then I remember what the future has in store for me. I prematurely lament the eventual passing, then I realize I’m going about it all backwards, and simply appreciate what I’ve got. How did I get so lucky? How long can it last?

I’ve been obsessed with the heavens lately. Put eyes on the Andromeda galaxy a few days ago, saw about a dozen shooting stars in the process. It’s odd to think that this tiny little ovular smudge of light is an object larger than literally the entire rest of the night sky; all the planets, and stars in the milky way; rushing towards us at absurd speeds. Not that we’ll be around for that (I doubt our sun will even be around for it either), but it’s our eventual fate. Eventually our galaxies will be as one. But right now, in the present– or as future species will consider it, in theory alone– the long forgone ancient and distant past– we’re just opposing smudges on a collision course in the dark void of the universe. I wonder if anything with a sense of comfort, home, and curious wonder ever gazed in our direction from light years away, and wondered if there would ever be anyone or anything gazing back in their direction.

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