A new start?

So, I haven’t kept a diary – let alone a online diary – in years. Decades even.

In my teens and until mid university years I used to keep a LiveJournal, but then it never had real content…just cryptic messages about whatever was going on at that time in my life, which only I could ever understand. The issue is that I had too many friends reading my journal and therefore, I could never really share anything of real substance, obviously. Eventually, I started using it just to browse communities and then the boom of social networks happened and just like that I stopped using it completely.

These days, however, I catch myself missing a place to write. Somewhere I can share my thoughts without having to actually discuss it with someone, but maybe still find some supportive and understanding souls. Somewhere I can vent uncensored.

So, I thought I could give this online journaling another try. Why not?…

Full disclosure: in case you haven’t noticed yet by my piss poor writing skills, English is not my first language. Consider yourself warned.

I am a fairly private person and have a hard time openly sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone, so I don’t expect it’ll happen now, but still I’ll try. Places and names will be changed of course and sometimes not mentioned at all.

Let’s see where this goes.

See you around, maybe.


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March 18, 2023

Your writing skills are not piss-poor, and I never would have guessed you weren’t a native English speaker.

I just started writing again for the first time in decades as well, for the same reasons. I look forward to seeing what you write 🙂