Hello there...I am Leesh Reneé !!

[ Which is pronounced (Leash Ruh-nay). ]

I am a Global Marketing Strategist who enjoys all realms of ART.
Let's just say I consider myself a creative woman of bountiful beats with a heart to inspire, lead and heal. I aspire to share my thoughts in the most innovative way for readers such as yourself who are in need of inspiration, motivation, wisdom, endurance, a sense of peace, amusement, healing, insight, positive energy and much more.

My mission is to create a genuine community (that is a non-judgmental zone). A community of individuals who are and/or seeking ways to discover their purpose, but could use some extra guidance. My current goals are to be more present and vulnerable by UNLEASHING my experiences with you. So grab you tea, coffee, any choice of beverage and prepare for the random entries.

Thank you so much for reading, (developing with me), but more importantly joining the community. As we continue to grow, remember to share this diary with a like-minded soul and/or with someone who could enjoy a heartfelt read.

[ Sending you all love and light! ]


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The Day Before…

June 30, 2022
This new moon in Cancer -->Leo energy has me feeling beyond excited and a tad bet emotional. The best way I can describe this feeling is like a sudden rush of adrenaline (without the caffeine) that just came out of nowhere 😂. I sense something great happening for so many individuals such as my...
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