I am a caretaker mother foster-mother to a special needs teenager and two beautiful babies whose mother is currently suffering with a severe fentanyl addiction. To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. I have used drugs in the past, spent much of my life as a co-dependent partner, survived a narcissistic abusive mother, and have been home sheltered due to my son’s special needs, which caused me to lose my eleven-year-long job (with free healthcare I might add). I am a lover of crafts and a quilter, a blog writer, a sinful Catholic (to say you are not a sinner is a lie, we all sin). I love to care for my children and home, cook, do things outdoors (although I’m not into extreme sports such as white water rafting or skiiing). I am soft and quiet, intelligent, and I will not speak nonsensically to people in conversation but will remain quiet unless I feel I have something valuable and helpful to contribute. I have a temper that is unleashed when pushed to my absolute limits, and if you go there you will see a woman’s fury like you have never seen, and God bless you you do not lose your warmth about you by my anger should you go there. I am otherwise very kind and sweet and will try to help anyone and have been known to fall in love with men who are damaged that require much caretaking and patience. I like to play with very bad men and see it as a reprieve from my hard life. I am learning to not accept abuse and have attraction to narcissist abusive men. I have access to when I need an excellent competent therapist who understands me like a sister but pushes me like a feisty ambitious loving mother and is not afraid to call an elephant hiding in the living room when she sees one. I absolutely love my Catholic Church and all it’s complexity, novelty, and quirkiness (if you haven’t seen the quirky, you’ve been around the wrong Catholics : ) I adore Catholic saints and what their lives can teach us. Last but not least, I am always up for a deep psychological debate or pondering, much more then doting on about my hair or makeup. I am more of a natural beauty (I admit out of laziness and ease) and am lucky and fortunate enough to having no problems attracting male attention when I want it. My diary will consist of my struggles, my loves, perhaps the occasional way a man has passionately given me some erotic fun time or even just trouble. Don’t be afraid to interject and comment on my diary. I welcome it as I don’t get a lot of banter that I love through my home life. Be kind and considerate people. It can set the stage for the mood of your entire day. Be kind, be peaceful, and be happy.

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My F*k Boy

July 28, 2023
After three years, I am losing attraction to him due to his consistent collection of more and more women to satisfy his sexual addictions and needs. I am not a competitive woman and would rather sit and wait on a special someone who zeros in on me, what he wants, not a conceited show-off who…
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