I never know what to say in these things. But ill give it a try.

My name is Kandace. Im 34 years old and live in Burlington, IA.

Im mostly a homebody but i love being outside during the summer time.

Writing is one of my favorite hobbies and keeping a journal/diary is one of the ways i practice this hobby.

If youd like to learn more about me or just need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Im very friendly and am a good listener. Im usually the one that the people around me vent to lol.

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A Great, Lazy Day

May 24, 2023
Today was a great and lazy day for me. I woke up early, around like 6:30 am. Since it was getting to be light out, I got dressed and took my stuff outside. My stuff included my card table, writing supplies, and a big bottle of cold water. Since I didn't have anything to do…
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  • Brand New User
    May 24, 2023
    Hello everyone! My name is Kandace and I just found this website a few hours ago. I just created my account a few minutes ago so I'm still very new to this. I'm looking for some helpful advice on this website. How it works, things I should do or not to, whatever advice I can…
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