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  • :)
    October 28, 2022
    Today is a good day No anger, no jealousy. No thoughts of disappearing
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  • :’(
    October 27, 2022
    Why is it that the people we love and need the most are the ones who are the coldest towards us?
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  • Its not a good day
    October 27, 2022
    Today didn't start very well. I woke up at 4am after a very vivid nightmare and couldn't fall of to sleep again. So I just went to the lounge and cried quietly to myself. I have been sharing things on Facebook, which was not a good idea, cos 2 people that usually never speak to…
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  • I am suicidal
    October 26, 2022
    Hello Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am not sure yet how long or short this will be. It is my first time writing something like this, I normally never share my feelings. I am a 35 year old IT Operations Manager for a large company. I am from South Africa.…
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