I’ve been keeping a diary since I was a little girl. It’s always been a place for me to vent about my day, whether it’s been good or bad. Over the years, it’s become like a friend to me – a confidante who is always there to listen. Some days, I just write about what happened during my day-to-day life. Other days, I use my diary as a way to process my emotions and work through tough situations. Either way, it’s always been a helpful outlet for me. And, because of that, I’ve never been without one.
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Is it easy to become a copywriter?

June 30, 2022
I became a copywriter because I love to help people. I help students learn how to improve their writing skills. I also enjoy working with different types of writing, from web copy to academic essays. In my previous job, I worked as a tutor and an editor, so I have a lot of experience helping…
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