I'm a 30-something mom, nurse, hobby-hopper, wife. I started my parenting journey as a 19 year old single mom and did a lot of growing up with my son, Elliott. I got married at 28, had our second child, Malcolm, and am pregnant with our third and final. I found some time in between the first two kids to have four surrogate children as well.

I've been a nurse for coming up on 10 years and work in cardiology. My husband is a medical fellow, finishing his training soon. We live in the northern Midwest, moved there for residency and decided we love it here and want to stay, so stay we shall.

I'm also an amateur quilter, sewer, knitter, bee-keeper. I dabble. I'm a dabbler. And sometimes a bit of a rambler. But I missed putting my thoughts down at the end of the day and look forward to having my little corner of the internet back!

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