Writing open Letters to the first/past love of my life . Letters i am dying to write but would never send to that person in a million years.

All the things i couldn't or wouldn't be able to say in person.

This is for you.

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Letter 2

May 19, 2021
Hey you, Of course i had to dream about you yesterday -.- what a shocker. Maybe because i was so invested in this "Open Diary- writing letters to my ex boyfriend" that my brain could just not stop thinking about you haha. I just hope that this isn't a phase where i dream about you…
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  • Letter 1 – Lose you to love me
    May 18, 2021
    Hey you, I am still figuring out why i am doing this. I mean, making this Open Diary account and writing Letters to you. You- who is you anyway? Thats my secret to keep . YOU will never find out or read this or even know who i am behind the screen typing this... And that's…
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