Cancelled sub and leaving

I have cancelled my yearly OD sub since I don’t really write on here at all. I had lost a lot of my interest with my writing and as a writer ever since I found out who stolen my stories from a writing site I use and the person who stolen my stories  who was once my friend is harassing and slandering me with horrendously vicious lies about me and my other writer friends. I changed my OD to a 30 day sub so once the sub has expired I won’t be around here anymore. I was stupid to pay 40 bucks a year for a diary sub  just to share some of my stuff or make announcements about my writing if I don’t use this place regularly. And my life is so boring seriously that it’s not worth writing about.

Anyhow my stories are still on Booksie and Wattpad but I am not heavily into writing anymore. As explained why. My passion for writing has died quite a lot despite I am trying to finish 2 of my fiction stories which still can be read and found on Booksie under Marina2160 and on Wattpad under JustMarina(Iwantowriteinpeace) and Justanotherbslkan.  However my readership levels on Booksie are doing pretty well and the same goes for my stories on there too. One can sign up for a free reader/writing account to read  comment or vote on my stuff stuff on Wattpad or Booksie.

I am even debating whether or not  to even possibly send one of my fiction stories to Netflix to be used as a possible TV movie I mean after all who would take my stuff seriously I am not a professional writer nor screenwriter.

After my fiction stories are completed I don’t think I will continue writing anything after that. Especially since I eve had lost the interest in even writing  about my life in an online diary such as OD. I have nothing going on in my life to even write about. .

I even  at one point joined the OD writing group here which nobody even seemed interested in my stuff so it just seemed fruitless to bother participating in the group.

Anyhow just thought I would let you know where I am and where I had gone off to.

Goodbye all








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October 5, 2022

well keep in touch! I still see lots of talent in you.