Good times

I’m just being sarcastic. I was locked out of my apartment because the lock that I asked the maintenance man to fix is still broken.

I spent the majority of my night driving from one side of town to the other. To put it in perspective, I drove a total of 90 miles today…just going back and forth.

the worst part is we have a maintenance man that is supposed to help after hours and he refused to help. I drove to my parents house…

my parents let me wash my clothes. My dad made me dinner and packed my lunch for tomorrow. And my mom let me borrow a top and jacket so I didn’t have to wear the same outfit to work the next day.

I may not be rich…but I am richly loved by my parents. They even went to a room together to specifically say a prayer for me.

today, I tried reaching out to a few agencies. A lot of them got “returned to sender” because my phone is having an issue retrieving emails..but out of the ones I did contact- I heard back from a pretty good agency from Atlanta.

I turned down an audition today that pays $3k. I’m over my Houston agent. They don’t care about me so I’m moving on. I get a bad feeling about them, and I must trust my instinct.

I need to quit complaining and just make that move. And I will. I will get back on that wheel tomorrow to fish for new representation. I’m over those women…I should have been left all of they haggard asses a long time ago.

I am also going to get my songs together on one cd soon. I need to start shopping for labels. I need to reach out to production companies as well as managers who can help me with my career. I also need to reach out to at least 40 different radio stations to play my music on their stations. I’m going to try very hard but there is a huge part of me that has resentment. I think about other artists who never had to work this hard and had connections or money to pay someone to do all of this work so they can focus on being an artist.

when my dad was on the computer I pointed to an article about Taylor swift. It said she was charging $20 for renting the film. My dad said, “she’s not charging people. That’s the greedy people around her charging that much. That girl has so much money that she doesn’t even know what to do with it. She doesn’t even have to sing. Those people are making her do everything.” Then I chimed in, “poor girl”….truth is, I wonder if she even wants to perform. Especially when you know so many people are making money off of you.

I would love to trade shoes with Taylor swift for a day. How great would it be to walk around as a tall blonde chick and be with Travis whatever his name…good times I’m sure…but I’m me…the complete opposite. complete opposite in taste too..ick

so now I’m in the guest room of my parents house. thinking about a lot over here. Like Shervy…this nosey rat is reading my entries. Today he was like sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt! ….


im like wait what?? He’s like, “I know you hate it when I cut you off” I’m like, I may have thought that but I never told you that. He’s like, no you mentioned it. I want to make sure I don’t cut you off. I’m thinking: nooooo, I wrote that on open diary but I never verbalized this to YOU….he’s definitely going into this site and just reading all my thoughts. It effin SUCKS…

I would make my entries private but then I’d just be talking to myself. I doubt people read what I have to say but I read other peoples entries…so you never know. all I know is that is nuts how he tried to play it off like I didn’t catch him in a lie.

that’s one things I don’t like about Shervy. He’s sneaky as hell. He goes through my shit, and now he’s going through my diary.

I’m just gonna go to bed now…too sleepy to text.

dear God, my life sucks. I wish I had money to afford a body wrap at the spa. I wish I could be loved by someone who could afford to treat me these things….but even more : I WISH I COULD AFFORD TO DO ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.


I hate working but if I have to have a job, I like the one you blessed me with. I wish I was blessed with more though.

I guess one day I will figure it out what you want from me. Amen


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