Going out to the Clubs

Things after Mary started to go back to normal, with one major exception. George started dating Dorrie. Somehow or another, Dorrie broke things off with her boyfriend. I was happy for George, but of course I had to tease him about being “whipped” like he always did to me when I was in a relationship. I knew it was serious when George wanted me to go to a dance club with him and a bunch of her friends. The place was pretty much a meat market full of Guidos (Think Jersey Shore). It was a 19 and over club, but I think George and I were the only ones over 21 because the shot girl was always coming over to us. And because George was driving, I took the brunt of these shots. It was a liquor called “Blue Chaos” . (I remember this because George would look for a store to carry this liquor for over a year with no luck until one day he found it just in time for “Kerrypalooza”)

  There were two cars full of us. Pricilla drove one car and George drove the other. On the way home we stopped off at the first 24 hour McDonald’s for some late night snack. It was also on a major “Cruising strip” and people hung out in the parking lot. I was the liaison between George’s car and Priscilla’s car and while in the drive thru, I would run back and forth between cars. Of course I was just drunk and acting silly. However, a stocky looking Guido standing outside his Iroc-Z yelled something out to me. I didn’t quite here him, so I yelled out for him to repeat it. He said…

  “Come over here and I’ll…” something..something. Turns out it was … kick your ass. He apparently wanted to impress his girlfriend.

  Naturally, I went over there innocently enough to ask him to repeat himself. His girlfriend was telling him to leave me alone.

 At this point Priscilla and Dorrie were screaming from their car thinking I was about to be killed. George started getting out of his car ready to get into an all out brawl.

  “I told you I was going to kick your ass.” As he punched me as hard as he could in the face. Being as drunk as I was and not really a big drinker, I couldn’t even feel my face to begin with. As I stood there undeterred, I yelled out rather annoyed, “Are you done?”  The guy looked stunned as everyone in the parking lot started to laugh. George, who had gotten halfway over to us and almost half a foot taller than either of us just shrugged his shoulders at the guy as if to say, you’re going to have to do better than that.

 He meekly said “Go back to your car”, as his girlfriend started to berate him.

   George asked “What the hell was that?” in which I promptly replied, “ I don’t know. I guess he had a problem with me? I don’t know why, I think he seems to be the jerk”

A week later, I think Dorrie felt safe enough dating George that we all took one car to the club. George drove another one of his brother’s restore projects and it looked the part. The club was uneventful, but on the way home we were pulled over 4 times by the police. By the fourth officer, we were laughing hysterically (except for George), and the cop did not appreciate it. No tickets… just a comical anecdote.

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