Welcome to Rochester

  My biggest fear about Jay and Azure getting together was if they broke up, I didn’t want to have to choose sides. When Jay called me to let me know they broke up, he called out of concern for Azure’s well-being. He wanted to make sure she was okay, which meant for me, I didn’t need to worry about choosing sides.

  When Lori and I went back to New York, we saw Azure first, but we also got to hang out with Jay independently. Since I moved to Colorado. Jay and everyone had moved out of ‘Fiddler’s Green’ and went their separate ways. Everyone was moving on with their lives and I noticed a difference right away.

  Lori, Jay and I hung out at a bar we used to frequent back in the day. Back then it was called “Parrot Head’s.” I forget what it was called by this time. We pretty much closed the place down. Jay gave us the low down on everything. The way he explained his life now was our lives were like a hit television show, but after that show’s run, his personal life had become a spinoff show in which all of us were ‘special guest stars in his episodes. He was much happier now then he had been when he was with Cathy and Azure. The drama was gone and he thrived because of it. He had moved out of Fiddler’s Green and moved in with Azure, but now he got a place with ‘Jesus Dan’ and some other guys. He was also bartending to make extra cash.

  The other Dan, from ‘Fiddler’s Green’, followed his girlfriend to San Francisco so she could pursue her career in hotel management.

  Alan got himself an apartment near his job. Sean and his girlfriend, Jen, lived in his parent’s basement to save money, and George and Dorrie bought a house.

  Denver and Matt had got an apartment in Brooklyn now that they worked in Manhattan, but Matt started daying a girl named Sara that he had met at Don’s wedding. So Denver started dating Kelly again while she was going to School in Connecticut.

  My brother Kevin had gotten separated and divorced from his wife after only six months. He also decided to go into business for himself and move up to Rochester. On top of that he convinced my younger brother, Tommy, to move up there and work for him. I don’t know all the reasons Tommy agreed to go, but one of them was to be closer to his girlfriend who was now going to school upstate.

  Unfortunately for Tommy, the week he moved up to Rochester, his girlfriend dumped him. Kevin had gone to Buffalo that weekend with his girlfriend. So Tommy was alone staying at their apartment. It just so happened that the same weekend he was dumped his car was broken into and his cell phone was stolen. He was also locked out of Kevin’s apartment. With no one to call and just wanting this horrible day to end so he tried to sleep outside the corridor to Kevin’s apartment. He couldn’t sleep in his car because the window was smashed out when it was broken into and it was really cold out. To try and keep warm he went into his storage closet to find a blanket. The only thing he could find was a Christmas Tree Skirt tangled up with Christmas lights, so he used that.

  Because Tommy’s ex was worried that Tommy might be depressed over the break up and the fact he was not answering his phone, she called and asked the police to check up on him. Upon finding my brother sleeping in a hallway wrapped in a tree skirt and lights they decided they wanted to take him for an overnight psychological evaluation, despite his protest that he was not suicidal or depressed.

  By the next day, the doctors agreed, but because there was no one to pick him up and they couldn’t release him on his own and the phone numbers of everyone he knew in Rochester was lost on his phone, he was stuck there until Sunday when Kevin got back from his trip. On top of that, they billed him a couple hundred dollars for the psych evaluation.

  Welcome to Rochester!!!

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June 8, 2012

that is … unbelievable lol

June 13, 2012

I spotted you on the front page due to your name (I LOVE the Beatles!) so I thought I would say hi 🙂 Your poor brother Tommy, that sounds like a pretty awful experience!!

June 16, 2012

i knowwww! i never see you either ! we’re bad at hooking up!