My vacations in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a beautiful paradise located 38 kilometers from Cancun in the Riviera Maya, is an important tourist destination because there is the second largest coral reef in the world which is a magnet for snorkeling and diving lovers.

One of the reasons why you should know it is its beaches, here the Caribbean Sea is in all its splendor the water is turquoise and the sand is so fine that slips between your toes.

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The majority of the activities that are done in Puerto Morelos are related to water, snorkeling is the most popular because of its way of connecting with the oceanic environment and marine animals, another activity that is also done is the kayak ride the calm waters are perfect for that.

If you love flowers and birds you can visit the botanical garden which is located two kilometers north of the city, you will find a great variety of medicinal plants and also a few species of birds, it is worth coming to know it.

If you want to be face to face with a crocodile without fear of being bitten, the crocoun zoo is the right place, there you will be under the supervision of experts and you can enjoy an incredible experience with these animals and many others like wild dogs and deer.

You can visit the village and know what it has to offer, enjoy delicious seafood in the restaurants or a delicious coffee, do not forget to visit a handicraft stall and buy your souvenir.

Another great attraction that you should not miss is the famous route of the cenotes, you can know these natural wonders that only you will find here, the best way to get to Puerto Morelos is from Cancun, when I go on vacation I use this Cancun private transportation service, this travel agency offers the best prices and the best quality in vehicles, this Cancun taxi service is the fastest and safest way to get to your destination in a short time, from experience I can say that is a great Cancun transfers service.



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