Wed, 30 Mar. 2022


Dear reader,

I don’t know who I’m writing to, or if anyone will ever see this, but i need some place to contain my thoughts. I have problems with talking to people in real life. Whoever you are, maybe you’re like me. Maybe you feel the same way I do. I seriously hope that’s true. I feel as if I’m the only one who does. I know I’m wrong. Billions of people, right? It just doesn’t feel that way. If there is billions of people on this plant, why cant I find anyone to talk to? It feels like a waste to me. So many people yet i feel so alone. I know its normal to feel this way. I just don’t know.
Im at school right now. No one talks to me. Sometimes teachers do but rarely. I used to have friends in middle school. People actually talked to me. I wish i would be able to talk to people. Its starting to get worse. I avoid eye contact. I walk with my head down 60% of the time. I’m such an introvert its gross.
I feel like im starting to give up. The days are getting repetitive. Im only 15 and i feel so tired of everything. Is that normal? Im not so sure anymore. I’ve heard about therapists. Maybe i should get one. I’m just not sure if my mom would let me. Shes really sick. I feel bad. I try not to dwell about my problems to her. Shes never really asked anyways, but i understand. I just dont know what to do anymore. I feel hungry so im gonna end this. It was really nice talking to you. I would like to keep my real name unknown. So, call me Sandy.

If anyone would to talk, please message me anytime. I would absolutely love it.




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