If only

I see you

when you come in the whole world goes on pause

suddenly we’re the only two in the room

I meet your gaze, the force is so strong  that it’s impossible you don’t feel it too

Im drawn to you

I imagine our life

getting married, having lots of kids

being the wife that runs all your errands while you work

cook you food

do your laundry

get along with your mom

I imagine us celebrating our 10 year anniversary

you teaching me how to ride a horse

I imagine you asking me to become amish

I hear a noise in the distance that brings me back to reality

you have the same look in your eye

then I look over and she sees me too

do you think she sees it?

does she know?

I would never pursue another woman’s husband

but our chemistry is unavoidable

as much as we try and hide it

the tension you can cut with a knife

the way you stare a little too long

the way you know you know you were a little too late
You wonder if you made a mistake

that the life you chose


wasn’t me



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