Just waiting for dinner….

I need to take my insulin soon… not too too soon, but soon, the only time I take it later is when we have pasta? We are having pork schnitzel, asparagus spears, rice and a salad. 🙂 (Mom is big on us eating our veggies 🙄) So… yeah.

The other night I think I heard raccoons. It was about 12am and I woke up to inhuman screaming that seemed to get nearer and farther… it sounded like the animal was rabid. Which makes me wary of going out at night… as they hang around the garbage bins… cos, we tend to throw out quite a bit of food which I know isn’t good… but that is a story for another time.

That freaked me out, so I shut the window…. I thought Julz was asleep but she heard the noises too. I hope that they don’t return. We need the exterminator again. This time not for bedbugs, but for f*cking raccoons!!!!! 

I looked up what kind of noises rabid animals make that night, and I was not assuaged… to say the least! Ha!!!

Well.. g2g.

Pokey poke time!


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June 8, 2023

raccoons can do lots of damage in a short amount of time

@kaliko oh yeah.. They are nasty buggers

June 8, 2023

Sammy, you should let the raccoons inside and keep them as pets 🙂

@heffay ha noooo 😆