Home Atmosphere

Weekly Theme: A house isn’t always a home. What’s your vision of the ideal home atmosphere?

There is no place like home.  That is true for me.  Home contains the basic necessities, such as food, clothing, furniture (especially a comfortable bed), medicine, toiletries, kitchen appliances, heater, air conditioner, phone, privacy, and security.  I also need a functional and well-installed computer with internet connection, TV, VCR, school supplies, music, video games, and pets.

Home is also where I could freely be myself and do whatever I want without pressure.  That is why since college, home is wherever I stay for school.  Dorms was not quite home because we still lived with rules and shared the place with many people, which meant we couldn’t quite be ourselves.  I moved out after three years, and since then, have mostly lived in apartments.  I would have the freedom to follow my irregular schedule, go wherever I want most of the time, be on my computer, watch TV, play games, listen to any type of music, and be with my pets all I want, which is the ideal home atmosphere.  As time passed, my apartments or living places near school became more like home than my parents’ house.

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