Time of Fire Disasters?

While northbound on the Santa Ana Freeway on Saturday, October 13, 2007, I saw an announcement about the Interstate 5 closed at the Freeway 14 intersection.  Later, I heard that on Friday night two trucks collided in a tunnel near Santa Clarita.  It led to a chain reaction involving 15 trucks and some cars, and then a fire, injuries, deaths, and destruction.  Fortunately, the Interstate 5 opened on time for the weekday rush hour.  However, the cause of the collision was unknown, and the fires destroyed the tunnel.

As if that collision and fire wasn’t bad enough, strong Santa Ana winds and hot, dry weather began in Southern CA about two weeks later, on Sunday, October 21, 2007.  The strong winds shook the windows and made me not want to go anywhere.  While on the internet, I read about fires all over Southern CA, relieved that I got lucky, but upset that the fire warnings had come true.

I first read about the fire in Malibu, which was possibly caused by downed powerlines.  That made sense since the winds were strong enough to knock trees and posts over.  Next, was the San Diego and Piru fires, followed by the one in Santiago Canyon.  The causes of these were unknown.  Later, I also heard about fires near Lake Arrowhead and many other locations.

In Malibu, many buildings were burnt down, including the mansion of actress Suzanne Somers and Kashun (Hodge) Castle, which was a landmark.  The owner of the castle was a philanthropist, Lilly Lawrence, daughter of a former Iranian oil minister.  How tragic!

Lawrence was strong and brave to say, "My parents taught me not to allow my possessions to possess me."

The Santa Ana winds lasted for about three days, making the wildfires worse.  The fires did not disappear with the wind, and thousands of firefighters have made so many sacrifices to put them out.  Too many people have been hurt or killed, and too many homes destroyed.  Very unfair!

It reminded me of the fires in late October, 1993 and 2003.  I still remember the dark skies as well as the sight and smell of ashes and smoke.  It was hot and choking everywhere.  Both times, I waited for the order to evacuate.  Fortunately, it never occurred, but I felt sorry for all those vicitms.  After the fires were out, I really did not want to be anywhere near the burnt areas, because it was too tragic and painful, almost driving me to tears.

Is late October a time for wildfires? In 1993, 2003, and 2007, the fires all began in late October and usually last into November.

I’ve heard that some of the fires might have been arson.  I don’t understand what is fun about starting fires and causing destruction.  Those people are evil, and should be the victims.

This entry will be a tribute to the firefighters and victims of the fire.

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October 26, 2007