Very Outdated

 There have been things I’ve wanted to mention, but haven’t gotten around to them.  Sorry if it’s wrong to mention things that are so out-of-date.  That was one thing that has made me put off posting entries, comments, and replies: fear of you and others being mad at me for writing about outdated information and "not getting over them."  Besides that, things were busy, and the computer screen hurts my eyes.  I’ve been having achy eyes often lately.  To make things worse, I keep picking up more obsessions and addictions, which take up more of my time.

To add to the achy eyes was a bad headache on April Fool’s Night, 2012.  It also made me dizzy, and now it still threatens to come back at times.  I seem to have a slight ear infection as well.

I finally got my doctoral research paper printed so I picked it up Tuesday, April 3.  Now I just need to get some more paperwork through to graduate from the doctoral program.  The school better not have told me the wrong information or mess things up which they often do.

Besides the research project and trying to recruit and keep patients at work, I’ve irresponsibly wasted more time on fun things.  For example, I mentioned Anime LA in January.  Then there was WonderCon 2012 from March 16-18, which was in my area this year.

I plan to mention more details about the cons in separate entries, but I’m afraid it’s too late, especially since Anime LA took place in January.  It’s probably against the rules or norms to post about something that outdated, and that will make everyone mad at me.

I noticed one of my hamsters behaving strangely, so I took her to the vet on Thursday, March 29.  They discovered an inflammation in her mouth, so I’ve been giving her antibiotics all week.  She seems back to normal now.

As I mentioned, I wasted time making a stupid videos.  Since then I’ve made another one, which means I have wasted more time.  Those who are not familiar with the anime, Hetalia, would probably not understand them.  Sorry for being a self-centered hotshot: I made stupid videos focused on my interests and show them off.

I still have many photos to organize and post.  Some date back to Thanksgiving, 2011.  This shows how irresponsible and self-centered I am to be distracted by other things and only doing things I like at the moment.

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