I’m on a bloody roll here!!! 🤪

 uYou know when you are in this weird goofy mood, where everything strikes you as funny?? That’s moi as I type this. Kind of happy, manic and weird all rolled into a nice freckled redheaded package. 🙂

But my hip is *still* acting up, but I’m still disregarding it. Have you ever heard of Shea Seger?? She a rea lly cool vocalist.

I was turned onto her by an old friend who was a musician. 🙂 The same as with Ours too.

Yes, I’m that goth crazy chick in the background! Fermez-la! (Shut up in French!! lol)

Gosh I’m in a funky mood. I don’t usually feel this way but I must say that it feels good!

This is for all you mofos that think I should shut up.

Welp.. I’m ready for whatever…


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3 weeks ago

Sounds like you were what I call slap happy. 🤣

3 weeks ago

@ostara Ha ha yeah. 😀

3 weeks ago

Shine on you crazy diamond 😎

3 weeks ago

@ashestoashes 🌟✨🌟✨