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Done with Hotpot AI

So, today I woke up with an aching hip. I don’t know whether it is the weather or what, but ow! I may have to apply for a cane like Phyl’s… no biggie. But when I try and walk on the affected leg, it buckles. IDK… but still, I will soldier on.

I can hear the birbs twittering away in the trees. There is a special warbler that nests in the big blue spruce next to my window and I call her my special birb.

Last night, I dreamed that I stole a bag of loonies and toonies from these evil kids, and I got like old Sims games… (I have the UC so…) and a new tablet and a hair curler… it was very surreal. 😮

Um.. oh yeah, my book arrives soon! Larousse Gastronomique. The ultimate cookery book. I don’t cook or anything, I just love reading the historical tidbits and stuff. I had it once b4 but Ry threw it out cos of the bedbugs… yeah. 🙁 I love that book. It’s part high class (but not bougie) French (as in France!) cookery book, part history lesson. And after Huck Finn, it is my favorite book ever.

I am going to wait til July to get my new iPad and iPencil. 🙂

Bees returned home from her parents last night. They are local folkels so… not too bad. Her family had ham, scalloped potatoes, the works. I am slightly jelly bc I ♥ ham and scalloped potatoes. 😀

Anyways… I have put out my laundry to be washed. Quilt and all. 

On the weekends and long weekends, you can hear the town come alive in the mornings, it’s peaceful. On the weekdays, it gets a bit noisier what with the idiots from Toronto invading our placid little town. 😉

Sometimes I think our neighbor Buddy and Co. come from the ol’ T-dot bc he rip roars off in his truck at 5 am…disturbing the peace as always. Now I can hear a train go by. Newmarket, (my hometown) is a train stop, both freighter and GO trains wise. It has always been like that. Ever since day 1.

I’m going to post some more stuff a bit later. RN I have to use the loo.


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