It gets a little ranty!

It’s just easier this way:


* I love my cat, Roku. He’s such a love. he follows me around in the morning, meowing at me, giving me "I could just eat you I love you so much" eyes. He’s my baby substitute. He sits by the shower and waits for me to come out, sleeps by my feet, curls up on my chest and shoulders for little naps and likes to sleep with one little paw reached out touching me. I love that crazy little orange devil.


*Jonathon did really well at school yesterday. That makes me happy. The entire time he was recovering, jacob was an absolute DREAM. He took over chores without complaining, helped his brother with a pure heart, and was just the best little kid I could ask for… but I got a call from his teacher last night wich did 2 things:

1. It made me sad

2. It pissed me off.

Why did i tmake me sad? Well its eems Jacob is not turning in his homework (which I check every night and he is completing)… I’m not sure why. He also has issues with being quiet in class and not talking, even when the teacher moves him next to people who don’t talk, he’ll make an effort to talk to someone two chairs down if he has to. so we have to work on that.


BUT IT PISSED ME OFF for more reasons, and not at my son. First of all, that crazy woman called me at almost 8:00 at night. I mean really? who does that? If you have an issue with a kid you call that late in the evening? I didn’t like that one bit.

Second of all, she was slurring her words and sounded drunk. She’s an older lady, and maybe that just happens when she’s tired, but it put me on edge.

THIRD of all, she talked to me as if I was stupid or encouraging his bad behavior. What pisses me off is that it went STRAIGHT to a phone call and none of the other methods of communication were used. He brings homoe a behavior log every day, she’s supposed to write concerns or issues on that NOTE and I can address them that way. A phone call home is like… a severe consequence. I’VE NEVER GOTTEN A NOTE HOME ON THAT PAPER. Not ONE SINGLE TIME. He’s never gotten a straight or a frown face. So what the fuck woman, why are you not following the rules and making it seem like you’ve told me over and over and I just ignored you. YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!!

Fourth, she had a really nasty way of saying things like "He just doesn’t focus"… but I can’t explain how her tone of voice was just nasty as if she’s saying he’s got a mental problem and needs medication or something. She didn’t offer a single tip or tool for me to try at home and just threw words at me as if I was supposed to wave my butt around and make him suddenly turn into a model student. I hate it because it went straight to the top of the discipline without giving me or him a chance to correct ANYTHING!!!!!

I ended up not talking much and just saying "mhmm" and "ok" because she pissed me off with the way she was talking to me. She was like "He might have turned his homework in this week, but last week hedidn’t, it’s a big problem" HELLO YOU HAD ALL LAST WEEK TO SEND A NOTE HOME. I got NOTHING. I asked her if she had sent something with him for me to see and she said NO, so she admits to failing and still expects me to get all excited because she’s calling me.

FUCK OFF CUNT. I hate people. I hate teachers like this. I could punch them in the face. Retire you old hag.

I’m terrible.

Leave me alone.

Thinking about it makes me mad.

YES, my child needs to turn in his homework and stay attentive and quiet in class. I agree that these things should be addressed, worked on, and improved. But her methods smell like ass and I’ve lost respect for her. I have to keep that in check, but screw YOU lady.

At least when Jon’s teacher called me, it was an incident that had first occured THAT DAY and she just wanted to know ways to deal with him and how he operates, not to berate me as a parent and scold me as if I’m a student in her class also. That’s exactly how I felt.


that turned into a mighty might rant -tone didn’t it! lol.

*After that I don’t remember shit all I wanted to say. I haven’t been writing much cuz I’m busy. also noting is difficult. I sowwy. I’m gonna be leaving a lot of blank notes so you all know I’m around, but yeah, I don’t like leaving half ass notes, I’d rather leave blank ones. or ones with smooshy huggzz.


*I need to eat something. I wanted a breakfast sandwich, but I’ll settle for my 90 cal deli turkey on a few crackers.

It’s not a diet, it’s a "I ain’t got no monies" type thing. lol


Love you people *muah!*


*PS, I hope to come back and write about the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 later!



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October 27, 2011

I once had a teacher call me to tell me she thought my son should be on ritalin. I said “And you got your medical degree from…?” She repeated her assessment, I repeated my question. She got frustrate and said “I’m a TEACHER!!!” I said “And I’M a MOTHER!!!” I don’t believe in putting kids on drugs just because the teacher can’t do her job. When the younger son wasn’t turning in his homework, even though he was doing it but leaving it at home and was scoring 100% on every test, I asked the school for help in motivating him. They told me it wasn’t their job!!! WTF???

Ah I hate that style of communication. I have to agree with you, she should have been noting things in the log that he brings home, even if she doesn’t have time one day she needs to make it a priority to get that done before the end of the week so you at least have the weekend to work on it with him. Also calling so late is really ridiculous. I know everyone eats at different times so perhaps a call before supper or even during supper and asking if now was a good time, would have been better than at 8pm. Boo, turkey is good but you need more food than that, do you like oatmeal? It’s easy to make and it’s super cheap! That’s what I’ve done two mornings in a row, made oatmeal to go. The stuff in little packets it ok, but I find when I make the quick oats they just taste a bit better and I can add whatever flavours I want.

October 27, 2011

$10 says her ass was drunk. If you have to send a note TO her, do that. Tell her you have to get up really early and don’t appreciate phone calls after 7. Tell her if there’s a problem, you need to know about it ASAP, not a week later. And if she still gives you static, GO OVER HER HEAD! I can’t stand those kinds of teachers. If they suck that bad at their job, they should do something else!

October 27, 2011

that is really nice how he is helpful with his brother. sorry about the school troubles though 🙁 ryn : thank you 🙂

October 27, 2011

I’d email the teacher and the principal stating how you’d like outlines on how to handle this with Jake and that you’d like to know daily of a problem….not just when the teacher decides to call.

October 27, 2011

RYN: I know I didnt say it in my entry, but every thing you said was exactly what I was feeling. That is why I felt so exhausted. Not to mention, he not once accepts any responsibility in the situation, still hasnt bothered to explain himself and yeah, he definitely puts up walls and doesnt communicate his feelings at all. I think that is the reason for the “LOL” and acting like its “all good” Its dumb but his stupidity and immaturity is actually helping me get through this.

October 27, 2011

Teachers like that need not be teaching! AND if she has so many concerns, why not call for a parent teacher conference? I have had that too where the teacher acts like you’ve instructed your child to be rude, disruptive and a disgrace… ugh bitches! Hugz-y notes are always good! 🙂 Im on a diet just b/c Im sick b/c of P. but now Im not so much this: :'( as I am this: >:(

October 27, 2011

i cant beleive that teacher!!! some people have some nerve to call you at 8pm!! thats late! im betting she was drunk! i love your kitty……i want one! 🙁 and awww to your other son for being so helpful and kind!! see your boys were raised good! 🙂 <3

October 27, 2011

I’d have call the school and told them a teacher was drunk dialing me at 8 o’clock at night. That would have been out of anger, but still. Who does that?? She had a week to tell you that he was talkative or missed assignments. That week is over and her time to call you is up. Frig that lady!!

October 27, 2011

oh I forgot to tell you: I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOUUUU! 🙂

October 27, 2011

My mom went off on one my teachers for having me call her at work for not turning in my homework(once, damnit). My teacher had this kind of smug grin while I was dialing and then once mom chewed him out, he was stonefaced as an undertaker. And yeah, teacher lady was probably drunk..I had an older male teacher in my HS english class and he never hid the fact that he liked to hit the bottle right there in class. By bottle, I mean Nyquil.

October 27, 2011

I have to say that I went through similar issues with several of my parent teacher conf this week. Found out that my son is being target by bullies just for the fact that they are bullying him, no reason or cause other than he is an easy target and that pisses me off.

October 27, 2011

ugh, teachers like that make it all the more difficult for the good ‘uns out there. that’s really mean too calling you out of the blue with all these issues that you supposedly knew psychicly [sic?]. maybe she was drunk and got the kids mixed up. argh, that’s just frustrating.

October 27, 2011

Hugs. I hate things like that.

October 28, 2011

my cat does the same thing in the morning. except he’s saying “i could just eat you if you don’t give me breakfast soon” what a nut job of a teacher. ava comes home with a color coated calander everyday and a log every thursday. we go over it, i write a comment/question, we BOTH sign it and it goes back to her teacher. i know she’s younger but still…a call when he turned it in this week? ugh