Wrap it Up!!!!


So this is gonna be the last entry that will "catch me up" ha ha!

So sunday I want home and was perfectly happy to laze around like a giant pile of ME.

And so that’s what I did. I spent time with the kids doing random things like reading video game magazines and watching Spongebob.

I did not cook.

I have not cooked for over a week.

i have also not done dishes.

It’s horrible.

ANYWAY, we had fast food. I only ate grilled non horrifying things. No fries. *siiiiigh*

Which leads me to a slight detour: I AM STILL NOT LOSING WEIGHT. Seriously. Either my scale is broken or my body hates me. It’s a mixture of both really. But I’ve been eating really well and exercising and NOTHING.

nothing nothing nothing.

It makes me want to stab my face.

I have a pair of jeans I want to be able to wear in vegas. I probably won’t be able to.

It just pisses me off.


ok, back to Sunday.

So we lazed around quite a bit and the day was pretty boring. I keep thinking there was something I wanted to say… but there isn’t!

so on to yesterday, which was Cesar Chavez day and my lovely Union negotiated it as a holiday off.

I was supposed to clean…

but umm…. I didn’t.

I started laundry… but it sucked all the hot water out and the new neighbor chick (did I mention a new chick moved in? I think I did…)  fussed at me cuz she needed a shower.


So that got paused.

I also wanted a mp3 player BADLY, so Baboo sent me on a goosechase to find one.

I got one though! It wasn’t as cheap as I thought (i thought it was gonna be $40, but it turned out to be $60.)… but cheaper than an ipod (I almost got a nano, cuz they are so cute!!! but they are like 160 bucks and shiz…)… but it works great and I like it. I got 4gb and already have over 600 songs on it.

I didn’t even know I had 600 songs.

but there ya go, 600 songs.


I went to that music site I signed up for and happily began searching for some of the music I lost when my cd’s got stolen a while ago…

and nothing was coming up.

i was like "wha???"… they are mainstream…. it should be there…

but no.. wanna know why?


it’s a site for INDEPENDENT ARTISTS.

Ok, so it’s not BAD per say, but not anything I really wanted… I browsed through literally hundreds of artists and it was really just a bunch of poorly mixed HOOEY.

I had 80 downloads I didn’t want to waste, so I managed to get 3 instrumental cds (string quartets of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple), a japanese anime title song cd (so awesome! i want more of it!), a spanish chick singing in spanish… i can’t understand it, but it’s GORGEOUS… and some other random rocky stuff, and one dance song. There was a lot of electronica on the site.

but that music REALLY triggers me into wanting to do drugs.

I just didn’t want to put that all over my mp3 player (which I shall just call an ipod from now on, even though it’s really not… ha ha, it’s just easier to type!) to make me feel like being intoxicated.

I have only done drugs twice… so i don’t know why it’s so fierce, but the minute I hear it it makes me wanna "roll"… yeah. blah. no thanks… unless you’re gonna bring the drugs over! then fire it up!!!

Ok, so I’m crazy.

Anyway, I got my 80 downloads and cancelled my membership.

Baboo downloaded a bunch of stuff from some illegal pirating thing he has (ha ha)… but I will probably join Rhapsody or something in a month or two to get more music. It almost makes me wish I had the 8gb player cuz i’m already half full on the one I have and it’s a bitch going thru and deleting crap. It also plays videos and ebooks and pictures… but i won’t use it for anything like that.

So yeah, after all that (thinking about it, i might aAve done all that on Sunday… Yes… all that happend Sunday. ha hahaha… but WHATEVER..!!! MY BRAIN IS BROKEN) 

I dropped my kids off at my dads and was going to meet Baboo at the gym.

ROUND 2!!!

I stopped at Wal Mart for a few things and found a clearance of SUPER CUTE little totes for $3.00!!! I bought 4 of them (2 will be gifts for my nieces if I ever see them. Might not be till Christmas!), but I almost want to go back and get more cuz they are so cute and I can use them in all sorts of ways… so I might go back sometime this week… I don’t know if they’ll have them at other Wal Marts though. I should ask…

ANYWAY… I was late getting to they gym, but once I got there and figured out the horrible parking (there was none) I went right in feeling confident even though Baboo wasn’t with me.

Why was I confident?

Well, this gym was WAY smaller and it just didn’t have that "look at all the muscley muscles floating around, you’ll never be this hot ya fatty!" vibe. I just felt like normal people went there.

Weird huh.

There were no men in too small shirts strutting around and the only women I saw seemed a little older and less like they were looking down their noses at me.

but like I said, it was small. I was already in my work out clothes, so i just put my bag in a locker (with my new green lock!) and went to a machine. I had my music and I just went for it.

Oh wait! And I passed Baboo on the way out of the locker room (he got there like half an hour before me) and I just said something smart assy to him and kept walking. There was a HUGE part of me that wanted to stop and cling to him, but I know he’d have hated that and I really just wanted to show him that I was gonna be ok and not a big crying loser baby brat like last time…

and guess what… I wasn’t!!!

This time was a LOT better. I knew how to operate the damn thing! And then with my music, I was in a "zone" and when I was getting to the halfway point (30 minutes of a weight loss track that put the resistance up to 8 every 10 minutes) and wanting to quit… I got my second wind!

It felt so awesome!

so I was able to finish! it felt great. The machine said I burned 200 calories, but I think more.

My heart rate was sorta spazzy and went way too high too much. I’m not sure if it’s my high blood pressure making it do that, but it sorta scared me to have it always in the 164 – 167 range the whole time. I had to really slow down for it to go to just 158…



I hope I don’t kill myself.

I think today I’ll go to the first gym. It had more equipment. I want to try a bicycle this time. A little less strenuous. I will also do like 15 minutes on one of the walking machines (baboo says it’s not an eliptical, even though it looks like one minus the arm thingies), so a 45 minute or so work out. I need to work on abs, but I’m not sure what to do in a gym for that. So maybe on the weekends I’ll do pilates at home.


I’m not ready to take my kids yet, cuz i know I’ll probably have to fill out a bunch of stupid forms and blah blah blah!

Anyway, afterwards Baboo and I went to Chilis. I was good and got a chicken fajita pita (I asked for steak, but they got it wrong, so whatever!).. and it was really good! the pita bread was so soft and not dry and gross like I’m used to.

maybe I should get some of that!

Anyway, then we went home and Baboo crashed out while I fixed my dumb hair. The extensions are all tangly and annoying right now.

I will have to redo the top portion next weekend so it can be cute for my Vegas trip. I was thinking of taking it all out, but I’m not, I don’t want to worry about having a fro in Vegas!!!! I got a curling iron, so I can hopefully curl it and make it look cute.

Oh, that brings me to some sad news about Vegas… Love Muffin might not come . It’s looking more and more like it’ll be too expensive. Tickets are going up and up and I really don’t have enough money to help.

It makes me sad.

2 of Baboo’s friends might come and get their own room and stuff.

So that’ll be alright as long as they don’t try to steal him and go do dumb boy stuff and leave me all by myself! I’ll kick their asses!!!!

also, I think i’m gonna skip the clubs this time around.  I dunno. I want to go to one, but the cover charge is huge ($50.00 bucks to get to the front of the line) and you KNOW the drinks inside are gonna be outrageously expensive. You also have to dress up and I just keep thinking about a throbbing overly loud room with too many people and just wanting to leave…

So I dunno.

I need to do more research. Maybe there is something cheaper and less intimidating. Though the Ghost Bar sounds like it would be so fun… it’s not a club… so maybe…

I just really wanted to have Love Muffin there… but … it’s not looking good.

Anyway, that was a bummer, but what can I do? If she can’t come, I might just go up and hang out with her later on in the year.

and I’ll just have to make the most of just having me and Baboo (and his friends)…

We can roll around naked on a king sized bed I guess.

wooty woo!

ha ha.

Ok, so about 45 minutes of work left.

It’s been sorta blah being the supervisor, but nothing too horrible happened after the initial mess.

Anyway, that has been what I’ve been up to.

I feel better getting it all down, even if it was boring!

tomorrow I shall write about Vegas more. I need to write out an itenerary.

I’m getting SO EXCITED!!!



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March 31, 2009

Good work in the gym. Go you! And now my best friend is planning a Vegas trip in early November, so I might actually get to go there for the first time, too. Fun.

March 31, 2009

I want to party in Vegas. Hell I deserve to party in vegas!

March 31, 2009

Haha. You still say “roll”. OLD.

March 31, 2009

$50.00 Holy shit man! That’s enough to get a container of Tobacco here! That’s definitely too much to pay, just for standing in the top of the line like that! I don’t think it’s worth it either! Oh, and those little tote bags sound cute too! 🙂 Makes me want to get one by the sounds of them! What do they look like?

March 31, 2009

Hey check out the website to the individual clubs and sign up for emails (when I went with my sorority we got in free to about 3 clubs this way!!) Btw I added u as a fav 🙂

March 31, 2009

I don’t like fries… but I have been eating them lately. No wonder I am squishier.

March 31, 2009

Well done! I feel so proud of you!

March 31, 2009

mmm Chilis.. and awesome on your work outs!! keep it up, youll start dropping weight! I just know it!

March 31, 2009

Some casinos in Vegas have smaller clubs inside. Uhm…Mandalay Bay has the Eyecandy Lounge. We went right in with no cover. It’s SMALL but we were dancing and stuff. And yeah, mixed drinks are like $20. When I first saw the drink list I thought the prices to the side were PAGE NUMBERS, lol. This was at a different bar, though. Mixx Lounge at the top of Mandalay. It was a really mellow atmosphere.

April 1, 2009

Heart rate is supposedly safe until it hits 200, I’ve heard. Are you losing inches? You could be losing inches while maintaining weight if your gaining muscle..

April 1, 2009

I was confused about that when you first said it but wow… You get Cezar Chavez day off? That is.. whack.

April 1, 2009

Is your fav not going to make it either?