Of Chronic Illness

                                                     I have been dealing with the same chronic illness since I was 26 years old. That was the age when I was officially diagnosed with depression. As the years went by, I developed other chronic illnesses. When I hit my 30s, overwhelming stress wreaked havoc on my body. Thus, I developed more chronic illnesses. In comparison to those whom only have to deal with the normal stressors of life, working and/ or raising a family/ being a student, etcetera, when coupled with struggling with chronic illnesses, makes life that much more difficult. In additions to the ramifications of the degree of mental or physical suffering, there are added physician appointments, medications to be taken and even hospitalizations. I can only say that, for one whom has suffered from major depression, it can cause a person to feel off sync with the rest of mankind. Some antidepressants cause weight gain, which can in and of itself lead to other chronic conditions. Life is not easy for anyone. I understand that.

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