Hello. It’s been awhile, I took over Bees’ blog bc she doesn’t use it. So… and I was sick of Prosebox, so here I am. 💕 OD is my favorite place to blog. Not PB not LJ, but here.

I am going to write here and occasionally on PB and DW.. I took that picture above yesterday. As soon as it hits above freezing, people shed their layers here… today it is nice out… much like yesterday but there will be more snow tomorrow and Wednesday.

Today is Monday and that means not much of anything really. Tomorrow I get my bath, and Friday too. But that’s it… nothing too exciting. Next Wednesday is pin. 

Anyways, I have a *new* legacy ready… I will have it up today or tonight.

It’s Family Day today in Ontario. Basically a glorified 4 day long weekend.




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