I am up…

So, today is what? Tuesday. I have my shower today. Liz is a wonderful person! She is thorough and gentle when she helps out. ❤️ Maureen came yesterday morning to do my nails (like cut my nails etc.. not paint them, I have to do that myself ha.)

So, I am going to be set. Bees will be gone for most of the morning, she has the dentist’s and then she has the sz clinic. I don’t go there, bc Dr. B (the asshat) decided that I don’t need them as my diagnosis changed to bipolar and Aspberger’s and PTSD and all that shit instead of schizophrenia, which imho is a misdiagnosis. But for awhile I had Dr. K, and he was alright, but they cut my mental health nurse, so my ties with Dr. K were severed… so I asked my family doc (who despite his young age is fantastic! 💕) about a new one, but he told me that shrinks are a limited resource, meaning, there aren’t many…. *headdesk* Maman says that I need cognitive therapy also for my Aspberger’s.

Ugh. I have two appts in March, one is the eye docs and the next is a bone density test, as I have osteoporosis. I guess that in a few years I will just drop dead. (joke!) I mean, with all the shit wrong with me?? LOL For every wrong thing, there is a right. Am I right??

I missed y’all. 💕💕💕💕💕

Thank God for Bees!! 



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