In My Studio!

😺 I am Jammin’ out to The Prince Channel on SiriusXM!!! I am definitely a 70s & 80s child! I love new music as well, but I know all the Lyrics to 70s 80s and early 90s. Yes, I AM OLD! So old my inner goth won’t be restrained hardly any more!!! (Thank you mom for the great Genes! I don’t look my age!!!!  Ok, so, do I look 56???

But I digress, I am in my Jewelry studio and after a whole week being sick in bed I have had some of the most productive weekends thus far!

I am using up my 6 Year Old PMC3 and FYI. Yep just came back after 6 years of not having a Studio. We had a friend who needed a place to stay so I gave up my studio (its an in-law apartment). I am also learning to work with Aussie Metal Clay and plan on switching to it completely.  I am taking classes from the one, the only, Susan Tobalman!!  She does organizational group on Facebook so check her out! I love her to life!

So starting yesterday morning about 10:30 am, I Aussied two items she and I had been working on but I failed completely at so I remade my lentil bead and my coil bail. While they were in the dehydrator I fired (with hubs help, in my Paragon Xpress 4.0 Kiln that I forgot how to use since it has been 6 years!!!) two pieces from 6 years ago. Then I PMC3-ed 4 crosses I pulled out of the dehydrator today and a Feather I put coat after coat of thined out PMC3 on. I think I did 40 thin coats. It is ready to be fired. I am working on the crosses today with some sanding and things like that before they can be fired. So I will fire the crosses with the feather because they are all PMC3 and hubs set program 2 on the kiln for PMC.  

Tomorrow I have my next class with Ms. Susan and I can’t WAIT!!!!!!


Don’t forget I am Posting here and sharing on Facebook! 

Feel free to friend me over here on Open Diary! Or you can friend me here and on FB. FB name IS MY REAL NAME.   Anne Marie Waggoner Elias (Dakk)   My Jewelry page on Facebook is all work from 6 years ago. I have an URL and Email but I have to find a host. So until then I only have the FB page Nocturnal Rose Creations

Ok back to work!

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