The more things change …

…the more things stay the same.

My last entry was dated January 2014. My … things have changed and stayed the same.

I’ve managed to quit jobs, start new careers, end new careers, go back to old jobs, get a completely new kind of job, break up with my husband, move away and live on my own for the first time (ever), turn 40, file for divorce, date other people, reconcile with husband, move back in with husband, have a cat die, lose weight, gain weight, travel, get a root canal, get new tattoos, dye my hair, cut my hair, wear a lot of black, drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of cheese, go see a personal trainer, start dancing ballroom (competitively!), think about moving out of state, have a cat die unexpectedly, play hospice nurse to the other cat, do a major house purge of crap (from having 2 households…that’s a lot of steak knives, people!), go to therapy, have therapist move to Lisbon (bitch), have husband go to therapy and get on meds, endured heartbreak, climbed a mountain, met OD friends, and now….

Here we are. Back to where it all started for me in 2000. 17 years … i’m excited.

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October 1, 2017


Auwe… lots and lots has gone on with you…!

Aloha oe…

October 3, 2017


October 1, 2017

So great to have this group again! Many changes here, too, and nothing quite like this along the way.

October 3, 2017

Exciting stuff!

October 2, 2017

Hello hello! 😀

October 3, 2017


October 4, 2017

Wow, that’s a lot of things over the years. Glad you are back here!

April 10, 2018

Aloha! 🙂 I’ve also eaten a lot of cheese in the last 4 years. Mrow.