When I told the friend from Indonesia at clubhouse that I write my journal on Facebook, she asked me “Why do you write a journal on Facebook?”. I have no reason. I started this task somehow and just keep on. But my journal has been read by various people with praise and interest, so I think I should write more. Or I shall say that the blank column on Facebook let me write various things. It might be an obsession. I want to connect with that friend from Indonesia on Facebook.

I think about the words Steve Jobs left. “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”. For me, I thought I should die at 40 and drank a lot of alcohol. Now I feel thankful for the days I can live now because I have passed over 40. But these great words sound like a strong obsession for me. If I live the days as “the last day of my life”, life can be harder. I want to live as Takeshi Kaikou says. “If the world went to collapse, I wanted to plant the trees of apple”. That’s my policy. Never hurry up, not giving up and throwing away. That’s just a beautiful life.

I heard the word “Oya Gacha”. We can’t choose the situation that who can be our parents. In other words, parents’ income or taste decides our environment or lives. “Oya Gacya” says that fact using the slang “Gacya Gacya”, a Japanese lottery. I don’t judge if these words are good or bad, but want to think about how should these words be in English. “Parent Lottery” must be the direct translation but “Parent Roulette” can also sound interesting. By the way, I remember Osamu Hashimoto’s words “We can lose in our lives, and the lives are for turning over that lose”. Yes, we can’t choose our parents. It is a cruel truth but we can change the situation.

At the night, I watched Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Dead Man”. I like Jarmusch’s movies. Cool and earthy. No moments of losing myself and feeling refreshed. All I can say is “therefore I like them!”. Since I was a kid, I can’t understand why “Dragonball” or “Fist of the North Star” is popular. So I might feel interesting in this kind of “cool” movie. For me. watching movies is not for forgetting my life, but feeling the taste of my daily life. Probably I want to feel the beauty of my life so enjoy Jarmusch…

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