Spent the day working on projects,..

About the only creative thing I did today was I played my guitar for about a half hour,.. (art creative, everything is creative in my book, even destruction)

I weeded some tall grass, mowed a small bit of the 15 acres I’m rehabbing,..

Replaced some of the wooden bed on a friends pickup,..

Tuned a small engine so it runs passable,..

Planted a potted tall bush blueberry,.

Bounced a rock off a stupid doe who was eating my laurel,..(deer proof my ass)

she’ll stay away for a couple weeks hopefully,..

I smell like dirt and motor,.. guess it’s time for a shower,..

Then maybe I’ll draw for a while,..we’ll see,..

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June 13, 2018

Sounds like a productive day. The doe reminds me of when I used to throw old paperback books at my cat when he clawed the rug. It would keep him away for about a half hour, 45 minutes if I really nailed him.

June 13, 2018


we have an over-population of deer, no real predators, and  most of the hunters are not good hunters,.. so they are kinda a pest,..(both the deer and the hunters)

i don’t always find a rock quickly enough to get a throw off,..:)

maybe i should try a paperback,.

June 13, 2018

You were busy.   What do you draw?


June 13, 2018


i tend to keep busy,..

i draw mostly fantasy stuff, figural, dragons, heroines, stuff from my stories,…