Come see what it feels like

To be In my bedroom with me alone

or sit back and listen to me tell you all ahout how it feels to be me from the inside right now. I will talk you all the way through a entire sexual experience with my husband as well as a few men I’ve had before I ever met him

I’m going to talk about sex right now. 

it’s on my mind

I can’t stop thinking about fucking.
    it’s horrible bc when I’m getting the bone every other day or whatever, I find it ok to manage things like normal everyday life stuff and I don’t think about it much till appropriate lol
but withhold sex from me and my life falls apart.
I was trying to hold off masturbating  bc I will come really fast and multiple times from that. And then when he does go

to fuck me he will complain why am I not  into it

well  maybe it’s bc I just fucked myself 4 times over while watching the hottest porn ever  or thinking about fucking my alternative husband(this guy who crushes on me and vice bersa but we are friends only  Never ever went there ! But we both badly know we want to ! ) who has the hottest body and definitely the greatest looking man hands I’ve seen  the last time this guy hugged me bc we always do when we see one another i didn’t want to let go  I wanted instead to wait for him to look at me and kiss me take me someplace else where it’s me and him only and we are both in a garden tub ( yes yes I have a tub obsession ) and bubbles everywhere all over my ass especially ans I just want him to stand up in the candle light ok it’s the only light and I want to just touch him kneel and suck it off  but I don’t ever allow him to come like that not before I do anyway so it’s totally my tirn and he flips me over and bangs me hard Tjll I scream
hes The kind of guy I want it rough with  I don’t want to , I NEED to be manhandled !

My husband hasn’t touched me In over a week

I love to know how he can stand it.

As some of you know I been on both sides of the fence and I could enjoy making love to a woman too and lose myself in that

and god that is so emotionally crazy and I’m just not ready to think about that rn

so I much rather stick to what I’m used to on the reg and that’s well , The stick !    Ha !

my husband doesn’t get how good he is at all the things he does to me. Sometimes I think it’s one of the only reason him and I stay together. Even after almost 10 years of it. I can say it’s amazing the sex is always what my body craves. And the way he does it I don’t even have to try to cum. It just happens. I am so drag out attracted to him and the way he does me every single time I cAnt hold on if I tried and I’m over the edge. (Although now it’s sometimes harder bc my pelvic prolapse makes it so u sometimes cant feel the penis inside as good as before )
I can’t ever express this to him. Married all this time bjt I can’t tell him How madly passionate I feel about his cock inside of me — it drives me insane with lust.

But now as dawn breaks I’m here about to enjoy the delicious seduction of fucking my self.
I think about “my “other man who’s a guy in the wings who turns me on In a lot of ways

he’s known me over a year now  and god his body is gorgeous  and so is his mind  we click on many levels but I won’t ever be alone with him  anywhere close to being alone bc I know him and I will fall prey to tne lust and it’s so over and gone by then  I admit I’ve imagine him making love to me a few times when I fuxk myself.

All the other times it’s my usual lesbian fantasy about the hottest chick  I can find sitting on top of my face while grinding her pussy into me dripping letting me lick her out  —since I don’t have a woman rn that I can be with in real life —-and haven’t since before I met my husband, i tend to just have it in my fantasies here and there

idk if I still Identify as bi  I guess I do bc if presented with a woman who I thought was cute and I didn’t have any emotional ties to anyone else at the time meaning if I wasn’t married or commited — hell yea i am I eating that pussy out and fucking her all nite long. Most def. And is my heart eventually going to get caught in it  ?  More than probably.
If she’s kind and fabulous with an aggressive way about her most definelty could fall in love too

but back to what I’m about to do now as I settled into my big bed alone as hubby went to work and didn’t fuck me  once this weekend

I am gonna lay back and touch myself so I can get this primal lust out of my way  bc I am such a bitch if I don’t at least make myself come twice   I have to do something  I don’t want to be mean lol to anyone I come across during the day

the thing I hate about masturbation .  is Tbe lack of touching, of partner of companion. The whole one sided ness of it. The lack of the sites and scents of the partner I’m with. . Is rather disappointing. As I only have myself and not my partner.
when I’m fucking a man , I want to touch him and smell his Cologne and  feel him in many ways.  I want to be down to my most animal self and just lock together whether it’s through hands lips or genitals.
I want to touch his chest hair and his chest. As he holds my hair by the roots as I go down and lick on his head and proceed to enjoy licking and sucking on his cock just as a little tease. I want to hear him Moan and see his eyes closing in pleasure
With my husband.. When he goes to eat my pussy out  I am thinking  it’s the best orgasms I’ve probably ever received from oral sex from a man ever.

But I will confess , if any man I’m into gives me the gift of oral sex , first of all, I am going to cum all over his face.


I don’t think there has ever been a man who didn’t make me cum from eating me out. It’s just too hot to not cum !!
I have been lucky enough to say my first experience with getting eaten out was at 15 years old by a guy I was dating who was 16 at the time over the summer. We went to a park and back of a shed. And I pulled my jeans down and he put his tongue inside me. I remember the feeling of being similar to when I would masturbate at home with the bathtub faucet. And he did thst to me for maybe 10 mjns. It felt so warm and wet I completely went over the edge.
Here I am now years later a grown woman and the second thing I can guarantee is if a man eats me out I am giving him the gift of my dripping pussy  wrapped around his Throbbing cock approximately 10-20 mins later. This is an absolute guarantee. I wil reciprocate.

Dude -If you eat me , I most definitely will fuck you in return.

And if it’s super good ,and you work me and you smell good and you put your man hands on my hips and run your hands through my hair and tell me how you want to fuck me as you bone me really good  I may even cum  again while  your cock is inside me.
But my husband has been doing this to me for many years now he knows exclty what To do.
his stubbled face as he locks his lips over my tingling clitoris,  the center of my wanting ,the feeling just spreads inside of my lower body ,as he reaches up with his hands to twist his fingers into mine I can feel the strength of his man Hands holding my little hands in a locked position

I’m helplessly at the mercy of his tongue and lips – it’s so warm he’s sucking on my Pussy lips abd im trying not to Moan too loud and I’m trying to hold back just a little longer. I try to reach down and stroke his hair as he’s licking me from every which way.. I can’t Help but think about the amazing skills he has to get complete sexual control over me. My hips want to push up bc I can feel my orgasm building up. And I swear he knows it too, bc he won’t let it cum at first. He will slow down and rub my nipples and pull them and make me moan in lust he has me where he wants me now. I also feel the bed move and I know he’s let his hand reach down to his dick as it is usually dripping With pre cum so he starts to Jack it off just a little bit while holding me off with softer licking on my clit almost barely touching and grazing at this point it’s my point where I can barely stand it anynore

I’m like less than a minute away from Cumming and my pussy is dripping all down into his beard. I’m so close to

letting that orgasm just wash over me and I can’t stop and I think to myself does he know how good he really is in making me come off  and the next thing I know he’s grabbing my hips and flicking  his tongue super fast but slow at the same time if that makes sense and I feel it rising up  but it’s still at a point where it can be brought back down  and that’s exactly  what he does  he slows it down long enough to look up at me then

good god he slows down with his warm tongue on my clit real slow and a finger inside my hot pussy on my g spot in circles  and I’m literally shooting fluid out in spurts to the pressure of his finger back and Forth over the top of my g spot as his tongue glides over my clit ever so slowly at first and then slightly speeds it up and enters his tongue into my hole a bit to taste me  as I’m feeling this tremendous feeling spreading thru my lower pelvis and it’s just all love from there

he gives me this giant g spot and clit orgasm  at the same time and I am lifting my hips and it’s something like “oiooohhhh fuccccckkkk meeee”

and then he lifts me up spins me around and dips his throbbing hard dick right into my pussy.
I can handle it  I can take it all the way bc I just came once that way he bas some time to get into the best position where he’s over me and I look up and our tongues meet as he pushes deeper inside of me and at this time I think to myself

this is what making love is suposed to feel like

and then he looks down at me and our tongues stay tangled deep inside as he pushes his cock deep into my pussy that I am grabbing him with my pussy. I feel him stroking my g spot with his dick and it’s super hard and super hot and im grabbing and releasing o in succession one too many times and I am having another orgasm again cumming so hard melting into him as I’m sliding my white body slick  with sweat underneath his caramel brown skin and I see his silver id bracelet on his wrist and I think this is what making love is

the sex is  so hot and he always smells so good and he strokes me inside with his cock and touches my clit if I need a little extra help sometimes too

So this my friends is the reason I don’t want to fuck my own self

but I am feeling so insatiable today since I haven’t been fucked in a week that in order to sleep I must come off

I leave you with that

i hope you enjoyed what it feels like to fuck me , from the inside of my mind









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